The Body Shop Mango Body Sorbet

the body shop mango body sorbet

It's very rare for me to feature skin care products on my blog but I HAD to feature this baby right here!
Whilst window shopping in Westfield I saw The Body Shop advertising their sorbets, for some reason I decided to try it out and wow, I'm glad I did!
Firstly let's talk about the texture of this, unlike nothing I've ever tried before!
This has a smooth sorbet like gel texture that rubs into the skin so smoothly, the non- greasy sorbet absorbs into the skin so silkily and easily, it's almost decadent, almost like a serum for the skin.
Since it is so silky and non greasy The Body Shop even suggest placing this in the fridge for a more cooling application on those sweltering days, what a great idea!
Next let's talk about what sold me, the scent!
My word! 
Fruity, sweet and fresh, everything that I love fragrance wise!
This is definite winner in my books!
I was lucky enough to get this on promotion (in store) with a full sized mango shower gel and a vineyard peach body mist for £12.00 (bargain!!)
However you can pick up the sorbets (which also come in 4 other fragrances) from The Body Shop for £8.00.
Check out the website HERE for more info!

Natalie x


  1. Ugh these sound so amazing, I love the mango scent too it smells like rubicon! Lovely review you've completely sold me on this :) x


    1. This is amazing and an absolute bargain too! x


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