shake that weight
shake that weight
shake that weight
shake that weight
shake that weight
Now if you're an old time reader of my blog you would know that in my early 20's I weighed 17 stone.

Now for someone who is 5'2, that's a lot.

I wasn't necessarily unhappy just lazy and I overate almost everyday.

After my first "no parents" holiday to Malia, where I was called a "whale" thanks douche face, I came home and decided I wanted to do something about my weight, mostly because I wanted to wear really nice clothes.
I want to point out that at the time plus size bloggers and fashion icons had not yet emerged so I figured if I wanted to wear bodycon dresses this is what I had to do.

I did some research about what channels I could take and I cam across across VLCD.

VLCD stands for Very Low Calorie Diet.

These diet plans restrict your calorie intake and get you into ketosis (where your body burns fat) quite quickly.
I joined my first VLCD class and the weight dropped off!

Now I weigh much less but I've recently put on a few stones and I'm looking to shift those for the summer so when Shake That Weight contacted me to try their plans I couldn't think of a better time.

Shake That Weight is a VLCD that helps most people drop a few pounds quicker.
Now I say most people as this isn't for everyone as with VLCD's you have a shake or soup based diet for a few weeks OR you can have 3 shakes/soups with a healthy low calorie meal.

If you like your food and you're a regular eater, this may not be for you but as I'm familiar with VLCD's I don't mind this.

For my two week plan I'm going to be having 3 shakes (I don't like soups) with a healthy meal because I like food!

Shake That Weight also offer noodles packs, snacks and ready meals if you wish to tweak your plan and do what works for you.
I find this handy as recently I have been terrible with portion control.

The shakes come in some delicious sounding flavours which I like and you can have them with ice or water or milk depending on what works for you.

 I am going to be using Shake That Weight to see if it works for me and if I will be able to drop some lbs.

My most important task here is keeping up with my water which is incredibly important with VLCD's, for the plan I've chosen: Woman with Meal Plan it's recommended that I get at least 2 litres per day to make sure I stay hydrated.

I tend to not like to weigh myself, I go by how my clothes fit, but I weighed myself today for this post and I weighed: 12st 2lbs

I'll be back in two weeks to give you more of my opinion and to let you guys know how I got on but for the meantime if you want to know more, have a read of their brochure HERE.

Nat x

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Before changing your diet please speak to your doctor first. When I started on my first VLCD I had to get this signed off by my doctor so I would recommend doing the same.


  1. "Now if you're an old time reader of my blog you would know that in my early 20's I weighed 17 stone."


    1. Yeah! I used to weigh 17 stone at one point in my life.


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