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Daniel Sandler Swatches and Initial Review

If you have read my previous post you'll see my recent Daniel Sandler haul.

I have swatching away like a busy bee to give you an initial review of the products I picked up recently!

So go and get yourself a good ol' cuppa, get comfy and let's get started!
(Don't forget to click the pictures to enlarge!)

Firstly let's talk about...

Perfect Canvas Fluid Foundation

Daniel Sandler Perfect Canvas 10 12 14 15

Daniel Sandler's Perfect Canvas Fluid Foundation is described as a foundation that:
" provides invisible perfection for every face and skin tone. Proven outstanding in providing a gentle, and uniformly applied makeup to even out skin tone and blemishes, leaving a velvety smooth finish, providing medium coverage"
and I totally agree!

Perfect Canvas is for those of us who want to even out our skin tone for a natural everyday look.  
I liken the finish of it to MAC Studio Fix Fluid.
I found that you do not need a lot of this product for it to work well for you. 
I firstly applied Shade 10 with a dry stipple brush however applying it this way made me feel like I had far too much product on so I went in again with my fingers and blended it into areas of my face that needed coverage.

This provided a more natural look which I loved!

On a separate occasion I also wore Shade 15, applied with a damp stipple brush. This was by far my favourite way to wear this foundation. It provided me with a dewy, natural and even looking skin tone.

The great thing about this product is that it is multi faceted! 
It is a great product to mix with your daily moisturiser for a dewy natural look or this can also be used as an under eye concealer! Fab or what?!

What I absolutely adore about Daniel Sandler's products is the colour range!!
As a woman of colour it is always a God send to find a beauty range that not only caters to women of colour but the different tones that we come in! 
As you can see above Daniel's products cater for reddish undertones as well as golden undertones.

I have swatched Perfect Canvas along with my other foundations so that you can get an idea of the tones of Perfect Canvas.
Daniel Sandler Perfect Canvas 10 12 Comparisons
Shade 10 is the shade that is most suited to my skin tone (at the moment) as you can see from the swatch above. I expect when the sun finally shows itself I may have to adjust this which I can do by mixing shades together.

Next we have...

Daniel Sandler Catwalk Compact SPf25

Daniel Sandler Catwalk Compact 8 10
Catwalk Compact is described as the following: 
"Cream-in-a-compact leaves smooth matte finish and setting properties of a powder... Coverage is buildable, from moderate to high. Suitable for combination to oily skin types."

Initially I was not going to pick up this compact, I had never used a cream to powder foundation but from personal recommendation from Daniel himself I decided to give it a go and I'm glad I did!!

This product is fabulous! 
Great to store in your handbag and easy to apply.
It is also very light weight which makes it blend in like a dream!
As you can see from the swatches above this product is build-able providing medium to full coverage.
I would say try this out if your a fan of MAC's Studio Tech foundation.

The website recommended applying this with a damp brush for a sheer look, however I applied with a stipple brush, powdered and set with MAC Fix + for a more full coverage look.
Before and After Daniel Sandler Catwalk Compact 8 10
Here I used as many of the products above so that you can get an idea of tones and coverage offered. I am normally one for sheer/medium coverage but for the sake of this review I built up coverage to medium to full.

I applied both shades of the Catwalk Compact on my face and Perfect Canvas in Shade 10 underneath my eyes.
I then set my face with On The Loose powder in Shade 15.

As it seems like it has been winter forever here in the UK, these shades are coming up a little bit warm for me, (my winter shade is quite pale) however I don't imagine this being a problem in the summer.

All in all I am super impressed with this products!
They are a FABULOUS price as well as being Women Of Colour friendly!
They are also VERY versatile. 
Each product can be used a number of ways ensuring you get the best use out of it, which is great for those of you who like to customise your make up or who work as MUAs!

For more information or to purchase these items visit Daniel Sandler's website HERE.

What do you think of Daniel Sandler products?
Are you tempted to try them out?


Daniel Sandler Haul

Daniel Sandler Catwalk Compact, Perfect Canvas and On The Loose

My spending ban is officially OVERRR!!!
So naturally on Easter Sunday I went cray! Well, not really cray but I did shop.

I had been coveting some Daniel Sandler goodies lately, in particular his watercolour blush but I had never tried out his products before.
Whilst doing a bit of 'window internet shopping' I came across the fantastic 'Offers' section of the Daniel Sandler shop website.

Needless to say making a purchase was a NO BRAINER, added with a special discount code for Easter I decided to purchase On The Loose powder and a bottle of Perfect Canvas Fluid Foundation.

I was a bit sceptical buying products without being colour matched so I sent a quick tweet to Daniel who responded almost instantly and kindly recommended Shades 8 and 10 for Catwalk Compact. 

In total I picked up the following (over two purchases:)
Perfect Canvas Fluid Foundation in Shades 10, 12, 14 & 15
On The Loose Powder in Shades 10 & 15
Catwalk Compact in Shades 08 & 10

Initial review on all products coming soon!!

Have you tried any Daniel Sandler products? 
If you have, which ones?


Base Face

MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC50 Before and After NYX Lipstick

If you have watched my Great Expectations video you'll see that one of my main goals was to create the perfect 'base face.'

I've been on this mission since seeing how incredible Destiny Godley's foundation routine left her looking! Absolutely flawless but natural looking.

I think this is a very hard thing to accomplish nowadays, especially if you want to cover up blemishes however I set myself the challenge and I think I have finally found a routine that works for me.

I use this look whenever I am going out to a bar, club etc and I find it works great for me!
Obviously this wont work for everyone but I hope you can take bits from it that may help you achieve your perfect 'base face' too.

Firstly I moisturise.
After moisturising I apply a primer. The quality of primer really makes a difference and helps your make up to stay flawless all night. I use Tony Moly's Egg Pore Silky Smooth Balm and I apply this all over my face.

I then move onto my brows, I fill them in with my ELF Studio Eyebrow Kit in Dark and then clean around them using my Coastal Scents Eclipse Palette. For a natural looking highlight, I use a lighter concealer on the bottom outer half of my brow and blend out, I then clean up the rest with a shade that matches my skin tone. 

Now I move onto my favourite part, the foundation. 
I have recently starting using MAC's Studio Fix Fluid in NC50 for my full coverage foundation (no need for me to use concealer to hide blemishes when using this) and I LOVE IT! It's a perfect colour match and very long lasting.
I apply this by tapping out a bit on my hand, (I am sans pump) around a 10p size.
I then apply using my Real Technique's Stippling Brush. I buff the foundation into my skin using circular motions, insuring all product is blended in evenly.

Next step, the one made famous by Kim K. 
I always opt for subtle highlighting due to flash from cameras.
I find the LA Girl Pro Conceal in Fawn is PERFECT for my skin tone. 
It blends in amazingly, allowing for the most natural highlight. 
I apply the concealer underneath my eyes in a triangular shape, down my nose, cupids bow as well as chin. I then blend it all in with a damp beauty blender until I am happy with the result.
I set with Ben Nye's Banana powder. 
I make sure I blend this in too. 
If I find I still have harsh lines with the concealer I go over lightly with my MSF face powder to blend the concealer even more.

Once this is done, I move onto bronzer.
I use Covergirl Queen Bronzer in Ebony Bronze Q120 in places that I would normally contour.
I would normally then go back in with my Sleek Contour Kit in Dark and apply the matte brown powder to the hollows of my cheeks making sure to blend out all the harsh lines.

Next onto blush!
I use two just because I love the look.
I first start off with NARS Blush in Taj Mahal (LURVVE) which I apply to the apples of my cheeks and with the remainder I apply this to the tops of my temples. I do the same with MAC's Blush in Format for a bit more warmth.

For a bit more glam, I apply a shimmer highlighter to the tops of my cheek bones, underneath my brow, down my nose and cupids bow.
Lately I have been reaching for ELF's Blush in Gotta Glow but from time to time I also use MAC's Cream Colour Base in Improper Copper or Accessorize Baked Bronzer in Bermuda Shade 4.

I skip powdering my entire face as I feel my face is quite matte after all of the above so I set with 
(AMAZING PRODUCT, I love this much more than MAC's Fix +) to get rid of the powdery look and then...viola!
 I'm done!!! 
(wipes brow)

The rest (eyes and lips) are down to how I'm feeling at the time!

In the picture above I kept the eyes simple, just a coat of good ol' Maybelline's Great Lash mascara in Blackest Black.
My lips are lined with a generic brown lip liner, coupled with NYX's Round Lipstick in Minimalism and NYX's Mega Shine Lipgloss in Miami Babe over the top.

This all seems like a lot but it really becomes simple (and fast) after you get it down and the results are pretty thumbs up (if I do say so myself!)
I think it's just a case of working with products that you like and you are familiar with!

Do you have any tips to share that you use for creating a flawless base?


Fashion Fair Oil Free Perfect Finish Souffle

Click To Enlarge
Hey Beauties!
This review has been a long time coming but due to a broken camera, a misplaced USB cable and a lack of sunlight this has taken longer than normal.
Nevermind, it's here now.

I decided to pick up this foundation after seeing how flawless DestinyGodley looked wearing it.
I took myself to Debenhams and was quickly matched up to the shade 'Tender.'

The Fashion Fair website describes Perfect Finish Souffle as the following:

'skin perfecting, full coverage cream foundation. Absorbs oil for a stay-true-powder-soft finish. Covers and conceals imperfections for flawless even-tone skin.'


This foundation comes in a simple glass jar, no spatula, no nothing. 
So application is essentially down to you.
I dab my finger lightly into the foundation, as a little goes a long way with this product, and apply what transfers onto my face, I do this several times until I feel I have covered enough ground (or in this case, face.)
I then go in with a stippling brush and blend in circular motions.
Now, this foundation is FAST DRYING and thick but the addition of primer helps to blend this out a bit better.

My Thoughts

Let's get straight to the point here.
I am not loving this foundation. I am not even sure if I am liking it.
It is hard to blend and I am almost certain I have been matched to the wrong shade. (You can see how light it is via the picture with flash above.)
I find Tender dull looking on my skin so I've taken to mixing it with my GOSH BB Cream in Espresso. 
This bring a bit more life to it.  
For the case of this review I have skipped out mixing the foundation with the BB cream so that you can see its true colour.

As you can see from my bare face (eeeeek!) and my made up face, coverage is amazing! 
This product CANNOT be faulted on that!
My blemishes are covered with one layer and this is without the addition of concealer or powder!

Perfect Finish is an oil free foundation, which I figured was another plus as I have combination (mostly oily) skin.
However, I found after 20 minutes or so I had shine on my T-Zone even with powder. 

All in all this product just sits wrong with me.
It's heavy duty which is something I'm not entirely used to and this may be why I am not a fan.
I can feel it on my face and it does not feel too comfortable.
I may love this more if I applied with a damp beauty blender instead of a simple stipple brush, which I may try.

For those of you who love full coverage foundation this may be for you however I suggest applying with a beauty blender and finishing off with a setting spray to give a less cakey look.

Where To Buy

Fashion Fair Oil Free Perfect Finish Souffle Make-Up can be purchased from Debenhams in the UK for £22.00 HERE

If you live in the US you can purchase Perfect Finish Souffle directly from the Fashion Fair website HERE

Has anyone else tried this and loved it?
What full coverage foundation do you use?


Beauty Cutie

L-R: Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream in Dark, Sleek Pout Paint in Pin Up, Ruby Woo with Sleek Eau La La Liner in Moulin Rouge, Bare Lips with Balance Me Rose Otta Lip Salve, Maybelline Great Lip Wear in Dazzling Violet and NYX Jumbo Pencil in Purple Velvet

I am super excited about my new love for all things beauty, I have a RIDICULOUSLY long list of items that I want to buy but whilst I work to make that wish more than just a fantasy, I've been experimenting with what I have at home.
Here are some of the combo's I've discovered recently, I haven't yet worn the purple one out but can't wait til I do!

Not only am I loving the above shades I am also loving the Balance Me Rose Otto Lip Salve - this stuff is GOLD! I have super dry lips and I have tried EVERYTHANG out there for them...vaseline included (-_-) and this stuff blows them all out of the water! 
It goes on easily, it's not too gloopy but thick enough to moisturise your lips well! This is petroleum free as well as 100% natural so you can't go wrong! I would definitely recommend this to people who suffer from dry or cracked lips.

I'm also trying out the much talked about Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream, this one is in the shade Dark. It really reminds me of Bobbi Brown's Tinted Moisturiser only its lighter in consistency. 
It takes a while for it to really set in and I have to set it with my MSF powder as I have oily skin and also to warm it up as its on the light side (nothing new here my fellow dark skinned ladies.) Today is my first time wearing it and although I don't hate it (my skin does look fresh and this is without concealer) it's not my favourite product.

What do you think about this BB phase...I'm still trying to work out if its just another way of saying "tinted moisturiser!'

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