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Voucher Codes Swap Shop - Nov 2014

Voucher Codes Swap Shop November 2014 #VCSwapShop DiscoveriesOfSelf Blog Beauty Blogger NC50

Statement Skirts

I have never been a skirt kinda gal!
In fact I shy away from skirts, not because I don't like them but because trousers are warm and generally more comfortable.
However, I don't know what happened...maybe one of those times I bumped my head I moved something around, I dunno!! But now I am giving skirts a chance!

Above you can see 3 of my statement skirts.

The first

Brought from eBay HERE.
This was my first statement skirt so I was a bit conscious about wearing it but if you're gonna go statement you might as well do it!!!
As you can see here I've gone what you can only call 'the eclectic look' but I feel it works.
I paired this skirt with a black Topshop crop top, H&M fur collar, eBay capped sandals and my fav bobble hat!

The second

Brought from Urban Outfitters (similar HERE)
When I saw this I fell in love, it's edgy but sexy, just what I like!
Here I teamed this skirt with sandals from eBay, sunglasses from eBay and a Topshop tee. To finish off the outfit add a faux leather jacket and your favourite lippie!

The third

I'm cheating a little bit with this one. 
This skirt is actually a beautiful dress from ASOS which isn't entirely weather appropriate right now. *sad face*
 I REALLY wanted to wear it for a night out so I popped my favourite Topshop crop top (LOVE THESE) over the top of the dress, paired with my Primarni platforms and viola!
This summer dress is transformed into an eye catching outfit for a night out!

I can safely say that I am now a fan of skirts, they are so versatile and allow me to express my femininity in different ways through their different styles!
Thumbs up for skirts yo!

What do you think of statements skirts, are you brave enough to try them?
Which look is your favourite?


Summer Skulls

ASOS Men Skull Vest
I love this top.
I purchased it from ASOS Men during the sale but I've never worn it due to the fact that the men's vests contain around a quarter of the material needed to make an actual full vest.
Basically A LOT of skin is on show from the sides and back.
BUT this is great for summer!

Wear with some cut offs and a headscarf or for the braver souls with some knee high socks and confidence, just make sure you pop a bandeau on underneath!

Either way I think I will be pulling for this a lot more this summer, weather permitting of course! ;)

Anyone else super excited for Summer like me?!

Soldier Status

Cossack:eBay/ Snood: American Apparel/
Camo Jacket: ASOS Marketplace/Jeans: Primark/Boots: New Look
This was my running errands look today.
Lately my main aim has been to keep warm.
Cold seems to be my best friend so I make sure I am layered up to the fullest whenever I leave the house nowadays. 
Today the weather was just crap however I had some last minute Christmas shopping to do so I donned my camo gear to show the world I WASN'T PLAYING AROUND! *hard face*

I've never been so excited for Christmas, not because of the presents but the company. 
I feel as though I haven't spent enough times with my loved ones lately being caught up in my everyday life however around Christmas, 
(Darius would be so proud of me!)

I can't wait to see my friends and spend time with my family.

Tune I've been LOVING below:

In case I don't blog before Tuesday, have an overly blessed Christmas guys!
Thank you so much for reading. 
Means the world and then some.


Christmas Wish List


I'd be lying if I said Christmas was my favourite time of the year, in fact I find it stressful and the pressure is immense but that may be due to the fact that for the past few years I have been a poor student around Christmas time.

Don't get me wrong I LOVE Christmas day but the run up is just HECTIC!
I've decided to give my Christmas list a revamp this year, I do not expect all of the above for Christmas but hopefully I will be able to purchase a few of them in the next few up and coming months.

Do you think I'm being a bit premature with my list...then again Christmas does seem to appear earlier each year!

Any great minds sharing items on my list, lemme know!



Jacket: ASOS/ Crop Top: eBay/ Disco Pants: Glamorous/ Heels: Primark/
Sunglasses: eBay/ Bracelet: ASOS/
Lipstick: Wet N Wild Vamp It Up & NYX Xtreme Lip Cream in Absolute Red
I felt like a BOWSE wearing this despite it being cold.
Initially I put this ensemble together for a styling post but loved it so rocked it out for a bit today minus the heels. You can also find this on my Instagram (@NatalieKayo)
I was cold as hell but at least I looked good in these Glamorous Charcoal Disco Pants...priorities right? I really like these bottoms as they are high waisted so they make my waist look smaller, WINNING.

On my lips I have another new combo: Wet N Wild's Vamp It Up with NYX Xtreme Lip Cream in Absolute Red on top.

In life I still feel like I have a lot going on and not a lot of time to do it in but I guess you have to give yourself time to adjust to the real world. 
Sometimes I feel as though I am still in uni mode.
I think I have to find something to look forward to, does anyone else feel that way?

Song I've been loving lately? Press play below!




Sunglasses - eBay/Jacket - ASOS/ Top - Mums/ Leggings - H&M/ Boots - H&M/ Bag - eBay
Today was HOT! A LOT hotter than I had expected so for work I donned a jacket, I also donned some sunnies and placed my umbrella in my bag, because, you know...this is the UK.

Alas, it did not rain and yes I was BOILING in this combination but at least I looked cool-ish for a while!

I tend to steer away from bright colours but I really love this neon accented bomber from ASOS, the perfect accompaniment to an all black outfit! 


ASOS Petite

It feels like I have been gone for the LONGEST time but I am back on track with blogging! I have sooo many post coming up and I cant wait to share them all!

Whilst in my blogging slump I have been web browsing, especially online clothes shops and it seems that I have fallen in love with ASOS all over again!

As a female of 5' 3" I have been paying particular attention to their petite are a few items that I have added to my wishlist!

Click on images for more details!

All Pictures Courtesy Of

Obviously my ASOS Wishlist has now reached a total cost of something unimaginable but a girl can dream!

Nat x

Christmas (and consecutive months) Wishlist


Obviously my priorities are a bit all over the place as I have spent more time thinking of my Christmas wishlist than my work (Facepalm!) but don't worry I will get onto my work soon.

My wishlists (yes I have more than one) are always ridiculously large and for Christmas I tend to ask more for gift vouchers so that I can shop at my fav places as I never really want one thing in particular but I have seen a few things that I am lusting after.

Since my birthday is in February I call this my Christmas (and consecutive months...I am generous with time ;)) wishlist...hint hint family and friends!

1. Some amazing shoes that I found on Ebay! How awesome are they?!

2. Jeffrey Campbell Roscoe, YUM!

3. Jeffrey Campbell The Laced Shoe

4. Viktor And Rolf Flowerbomb

5. Another pair of awesome Ebay shoes, got the heads up for these ones from Sammi: Beauty Crush

6. Dorothy Perkins Cape

7. Naked 2, wanted the first one but since the second one is on its way, why not?

8. ASOS Cape, been in love with this for a hot minute now!

9. AA Pouch, these pouches are RIDICULOUSLY expensive due to the fact that they are real leather but I found a tutorial that shows you how to make these for a fraction of the price...check it out here!
I will be making my own instead of buying it.

10. Black Maxi Dress, loving this one from ASOS plus it's petite which is great as I am only 5' 3"!

11. My ENTIRE Nasty Gal wishlist which is too long to post! LOL!

Obv my wishlists are all much bigger than this but let's take it one step at a time!

Unfortunately I do not own a black AmEx just yet :(

What are you throwing hints for?

Lemme know!


The Simple Things In Life Pt 2 (Picture Heavy)

My favourite foundations!

Playing around with my camera!

Legend Ring!

My Summer Bromance <3

Playing with eye shadows!

GHD's are the way forward plus check out my shoes from Office! £8! Bargain! :)

The view from my road on the way to work! Had to take a pic!

Amateur photography, Leopard Body = Topshop, Trousers = Vila@ASOS,  Blazer = H&M

Mini buffet I whipped up!

View from Allie Pallie!

Nigerian British Wedding! :)

My dear friends baby shower pressies, had soooo much fun that weekend, great company and food! :)

One of my many ELF hauls!

Pure Sinful Goodness!

My Room! 

Nike Plimsols! <3 My Joe Z!

New Shoes? ASOS!

My mums blazer which now belongs to me!

My first GlossyBox, pleasantly surprised!

What we get up to at!

A product of my bromance! <3

It's been an eventful summer, bring on the winter! 



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